Maine Seeks Escape from Its Own Obamacare-like Problems

Margot Crouch /

Maine is one of the noteworthy states that worked on state health care reform in the spring legislative session. For years, Maine has suffered under poor health policy—leading to fewer insured, skyrocketing premiums, and few coverage choices. Last week, Governor Paul LePage (R) spoke to an audience at The Heritage Foundation about the need for state innovation and free-market solutions instead of a federal government takeover of the health care system. In his comments, Governor LePage pointed out that the diversity of states is a critical consideration in health care reform.

Reinforcing the Governor’s view, a recent Rasmussen poll shows that “56% of likely U.S. voters say letting states compete to determine the most effective standards and guidelines would do more to reduce health care costs than having the federal government involved.” Additionally, the poll showed only “33% believe having the federal government establish a single set of standards and regulations would be more cost effective.” (more…)