Top 10 Reads: July 19, 2011

Abigail White /

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  1. Evict Fannie and Freddie – Ed Feulner
  2. Debt Debate: Are the Poor in Poverty? – Z. Byron Wolf
  3. How Will al Qaeda Mark the 10th Anniversary of 9/11? – Marc Thiessen
  4. Justice Department trying to shield officials in guns scandal, ATF chief says – Richard A. Serrano
  5. The Obama administration’s disparate impact on taxpayer – Hans von Spakovsky & Alex Ingram
  6. Don’t Forget Welfare Reform – Mike Needham
  7. An agenda for Hillary ahead of today’s Indo-U.S. talks – Lisa Curtis & Dean Cheng
  8. Modern Poverty Includes A.C. and an Xbox – Ken McIntyre
  9. Maine governor touts market-based healthcare solutions for rural America – Julian Pecquet
  10. America’s Financial Restoration vs. Obama’s Ideology – David Limbaugh