Top 10 Reads: July 15, 2011

Abigail White /

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  1. Heritage Foundation comes out against McConnell plan – Amanda Carey
  2. Sea Treaty puts U.S. interests in deep water – Peter Brookes
  3. Voters get strange polling calls – Alissa Smith
  4. Regime Change May Be Needed To Cut Deficit – Charles Krauthammer
  5. Budget Shell Games Are Contrary to Law – Michael W. McConnell
  6. The Real Truth About Voter ID – Hans Von Spakovsky
  7. Economy tilts debt-deal win to GOP – Neil Munro
  8. Time Bomb – World Magazine
  9. Bernanke Employs a Modified ‘Pump and Dump’ – Jeffrey Snider
  10. Rumsfeld gets TSA pat-down at O’Hare airport – MSNBC