Top 10 Reads: July 14, 2011

Abigail White /

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  1. FOX and the Sharks – Mike Gonzalez
  2. Are the Rich Undertaxed? – Michael G. Franc
  3. In wake of Mumbai attacks, Pak could help save dialogue with India – Lisa Curtis
  4. A subsidy by any other name – David Kreutzer
  5. U.N. sea treaty still a bad deal for U.S. – Kim R. Holmes
  6. Politics has overtaken science at the EPA – Dr. Gilbert Ross
  7. White House Defends Net Neutrality Rules, Disses Defunding – John Eggerton
  8. Why there’s never been a better time to cut farm subsidies – Joanne Butler
  9. U.S. Status as World’s Superpower Challenged by Rise of China – Pew Research
  10. Tea Party takes aim at manatee regulations – UPI