Top 10 Reads: July 13, 2011

Abigail White /

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  1. Economy Needs Tax Reform, Not Tax Hikes – J.D. Foster
  2. Paul Ryan Schools Sebelius at Hearing … Ouch! – Kathryn Nix
  3. Republicans Split on Trade Tactics – Vicki Needham
  4. NAT GAS Act Isn’t the Solution for Energy – Calvin M. Dooley
  5. Welcome to Jimmy Carter’s 2nd term – Charles Hurt
  6. The Primary Education of Indiana’s Dick Lugar – Shira Toeplitz
  7. In the Murdoch Hacking Scandal, Roger Ailes Stands to Gain – Gabrielle Sherman
  8. Back in the Sub-Prime Mortgage Habit – Arnold Ahlert
  9. Olympia Snowe Uses Debt Debate to Show Conservative Cred – David M. Drucker
  10. How Kevin McCarthy Wrangles the Tea Party in Washington – Robert Draper