Top 10 Reads: July 11, 2011

Abigail White /

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  1. Straight Talk on Twisty Subjects with Matt Lewis – Lisa De Pasquale
  2. Google’s ‘Monopoly’ Hex – L. Gordon Crovitz
  3. Nuclear Disaster Like Fukushima Unlikely in U.S. – Jack Spencer
  4. Understanding freedom for religion – Jennifer A. Marshall
  5. White House Messaging Undergoes Structural Change – Michael G. Franc
  6. Health-care legislation will take millions off the tax rolls – Brian Blase & Paul Winfree
  7. The Increasingly Crackpot Solutions to the Debt Ceiling – John Hudson
  8. Patriotic Taxation Or Unpatriotic Redistribution? – Doug Bandow
  9. Unplugged from reality – Sven Larson
  10. Watch Out for the Gimmicks and Promises – Mike Needham