Remembering D-Day

Todd Thurman /

Today marks the 67th anniversary of Allied troops storming Normandy in what was known as D-Day. It was the knockout blow to Axis forces in Europe during World War II and the catalyst to ending the war in the Atlantic Theater. The heroism has been memorialized in countless movies and television documentaries, but nothing could truly capture the horrors of the battlefield on that day.

The sacrifice of the brave young men was almost overwhelming. The largest assault in World War II came at a heavy price, but freedom was on the line, and thankfully, freedom prevailed. They were fighting for a cause much larger than themselves, and some died for that cause. It’s a sobering fact to remember on a day like today when we have so much that we take for granted—things made possible because of the sacrifices of the men and women in the U.S. military. (more…)