Obama’s Empty Education Rhetoric to Hispanics

Israel Ortega /

Perhaps the biggest implication of our country’s growing Hispanic population, as recently confirmed by the US Census Bureau, is its impact on our public school system.  With Hispanic children comprising more of our enrolled public school student-body, but comprising a growing number of our high school drop outs, it’s clear that we are facing the prospect of a largely uneducated workforce in the near future.

In this light, it’s clear why the President would want to address education policy, specifically as it relates to the Hispanic population, in front of the largest Spanish television network.  As part of Univision’s marketing campaign titled, “Es el Momento,” roughly translated to “It’s Time,” in the hopes of spurring a broader discussion on education policy among the Hispanic community, President Obama addressed about two hundred students at the Bell Multicultural High School in NW Washington, DC, to tout his Administration’s policies to improve education achievement among Hispanic students.

Unfortunately after listening to the President speak at length on education, it’s evident that his limitless faith on the federal government to improve our school system remains strong. (more…)