Need A Government Grant? We’ll Spy On You To Find Out!

Ted Bromund /

A wonderful story from Britain illustrates all the problems with the over-active, snooping state. First, the facts. The Broadland District Council in Norfolk hired a plane equipped with a thermal imaging system to fly over local towns at night to spot the ‘hottest’ buildings. Initially, the plane was only going to look at businesses, but clever officials soon realized they could look at houses as well.

The justification for this heat-seeking eye in the sky was that it would allow officials to pay the hottest building a visit to “point out the . . . grants available to improve insulation, which will also help cut carbon emissions.” Furthermore, the plane also spots cold houses, which officials will then visit because they “think we might have picked up people on low incomes who are not heating their homes because they cannot afford to.” So cold houses, too, will get a knock on the door to inform them of all the government grants that are available. (more…)