Meet Our Featured Facebook Fan, Jamie Radtke!

Mike Brownfield /

As you read in the Morning Bell on October 14, The Heritage Foundation fully supports the Tea Party’s endeavors and believes the movement is here to stay.  Those weren’t just words; the bold statement was a call to action for Heritage and its hundreds of thousands of members.  As Heritage president Ed Feulner is fond of saying: “Onward!”

Jamie Radtke, the chairman of the Richmond, Virginia, Tea Party and this week’s Heritage Foundation Featured Fan, embodies everything that’s fresh and exciting about this movement and Heritage’s efforts to support it.  Radtke, a longtime grassroots activist who holds a Master’s degree in Public Policy, was homeschooling her children during the 2008 election season before out-of-control spending and government bailouts spurred her passionate Tea Party efforts.  (more…)