Outside the Beltway: Good Friday is Still Good Friday. Thank God.

Rory Cooper /

Do Christians have civil rights? Earlier this week, citizens of Davenport, Iowa were informed that City Administrator Craig Malin planned to change the name of Good Friday to “Spring Holiday” on official city documents, per the recommendation of the Davenport Civil Rights Commission. After the city and state grew appropriately outraged, the decision was reversed and Mayor Bill Gluba pled that the city move on to “more important issues.” But, this issue might in fact be the most important.

Over the course of the past several decades, political correctness has been applied to protect the rights of communities experiencing discrimination, and that can be appreciated. The inclination to not offend your fellow man is as natural as wanting to catch someone who is falling. It’s inherent in us. But at what point do the scales tip, and the balance of political correctness shift towards infringing upon the rights of many, and their own civil liberties, for the supposed protection of a few? In Davenport, the scales aren’t just tipped, they’ve gone missing. (more…)