The Moral Bankruptcy of Talking Points Memo

Conn Carroll /

Responding to a suit by the Nevada State Education Association challenging at-large caucus locations set up by the Nevada State Democratic Party, Talking Points Memo’s Josh Marshall wrote:

If there’s one thing that’s core to the modern Democratic party is that voter suppression tactics are always wrong. Much of the US Attorney purge scandal was at root about Republican voter suppression tactics. I suspect this is doubly wrong — both in the sense that the suit is meritless on its face but certainly also in the sense that you don’t decide how easy to make it for people to vote depending on who you think they’re likely to vote for. … Please leave these shameful tactics to Republicans.

Indeed, TPM has been at the forefront of progressive efforts to convince the media that there is no such thing as voter fraud in this country and that any suggestions otherwise are just voter suppression efforts by mean nasty conservatives. In 2004, TPM devoted much of their election coverage to ‘voter suppression’ in Ohio and South Carolina.

Fast forward to press reports coming out of the 1/19 Nevada caucus:

So how did TPM cover these voter suppression charges in the most hotly contested Democratic nomination fight in a generation ? Nothing. Complete silence. The issue is so ‘core to the modern Democratic party’ that (at the time of this post) TPM had not posted about a single one of these charges.

They do have plenty of posts about the dispute over delegates and who ‘won’ the Nevada caucus … but nothing on voting irregularities. Either voter suppression is real, threatens democracy, and ought to be investigated at every turn, or it is just a made up issue that progressive whine about whenever it suits them politically. At least now we know what TPM really believes.