Almost half of voters nationwide, 45 percent, think Obamacare “went too far” in its attempts to reform the American health care system, according to an exit poll released by NBC News Tuesday.

Thirty-one percent of voters said the law “did not go far enough,” while 18 percent said it “was about right.”

When asked what kind of policies the next president should pursue, most voters expressed a desire for a change of course.

A plurality of voters, 46 percent, said the next president should pursue more conservative policies than President Barack Obama did, while 29 percent of voters thought the next president should continue the current administration’s policies.

Just 18 percent said the next president should pursue policies that are more liberal than Obama’s.

Obamacare has struggled to gain public support, with 54 percent of Americans opposing the law this past April, and just 44 percent supporting it, according to a Pew Research Center survey.