Yesterday, I sat down with the chairman of the House Budget Committee, Rep. Paul Ryan, to ask the hard questions about the issues that matter most to millennials.

A rising star on the right, Ryan appeals specifically to the younger demographic. So in an exclusive interview I asked the former vice presidential nominee about pot, tattoos, and beards (seriously). After all, last year Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., mentioned the GOP needed to appeal to a more diverse coalition, such as those “with tattoos, without tattoos, with pony tails, without pony tails, with beards, without.”

Ryan’s answers: no, no, and yes … but only during hunting season.

Concerning marijuana, Ryan said the issue falls outside the “federal nexus,” adding: “I don’t support legalization.” He’s not a big fan of tattoos either: “They’re not my thing.”

But the Wisconsin congressman is all about the beard and says he grows “one every bow season.”

“I’m a hunter. I grow one when I hunt,” he says.

When asked how to reestablish conservative first principles, Ryan urged the next generation to pick up books liberals have probably never heard of.

Ryan said young people should start “reading the classics, reading the Founders, understanding basic free market economics.”