Unfair. Unworkable. Unaffordable.

Those are the words Heritage President Jim DeMint used to describe Obamacare during a conversation with Andrew Wilkow on The Blaze this week.

“We have to stop it while there’s still time,” DeMint said. “If there has ever been something to take a political risk for, this is it.”

DeMint appeared on Wilkow! to discuss why Heritage bought a billboard in Times Square with the message: “Warning: Obamacare may be hazardous to your health.” He also discussed his letter to Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

DeMint said that there are only a couple more weeks left to defund Obamacare before implementation. The purpose of the billboard in Times Square, DeMint said, is to help Americans realize that Obamacare will cause harm.

“It has gotten attention all over the country and that was the whole intent,” DeMint said.

DeMint said that he wants the nation to realize that the Obama administration is not telling the truth. He said that Obamacare will not add jobs to the economy, it won’t save money, and it’s not going to get people better health care.

“I’m going to fight as hard as I can that no one has to live under government health care in America,” he said.

He continued: “People need to be reminded that we’ve got the best health care system in the world. We need to make it better not replace it the system they have in Britain.”