Congress is turning its attention to the farm bill this week, and if there’s ever a reason to unite against big government, this is a good time as any.

Heritage Action’s Drew White reports the bill is chock full of special-interest handouts, market-distorting subsidies, and hundreds of billions of dollars in food stamps. “Whether it’s the consumer-crushing sugar program or a dairy program with a Soviet-style flare,” White says, “the farm bill is an American taxpayer’s worst nightmare.”

At today’s Bloggers Briefing, we’ll hear from Daren Bakst, Heritage’s new research fellow in agricultural policy, and Andrew Moylan, outreach director and senior fellow at the R Street Institute.

We’ll also have an update on the IRS scandal from Heritage senior legal fellow Hans von Spakovsky and preview tomorrow’s national security debate, co-sponsored with National Review. It features speakers from AEI and Heritage vs. the Center for American Progress and Trueman National Security Project.