Yesterday on “Your World with Neil Cavuto,” Heritage President-elect Jim DeMint applauded the House’s efforts to put forth a budget that balances in 10 years and challenged President Obama to engage in budget discussions.

“The only budgets we’ve seen from this President have been budgets that nearly double our debt over the next 10 years. Harry Reid and the Democratic-controlled Senate have not even produced a budget in the last three years.”

“We need to be on the same page as a country that balancing the budget should be a national goal over the next 10 years. Then we can debate how to do it,” DeMint said. “There shouldn’t be a debate whether or not we’re going to balance our budget.”

“I’m just hoping Americans will see through this rhetoric from the President. He has been irresponsible as a leader. We elected him to solve these kinds of problems – he’s ignored them and made them worse. It’s time Americans figure this out.”


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