Speaking to a gathering of Hispanics in Washington, D.C., hosted by the American Latino Heritage Forum, President Obama predictably took the opportunity to inject class warfare and partisan politics.

President Obama appears to be taking off his gloves and urging Hispanics to join him in continuing to support failed economic policies that have failed to lower a Hispanic unemployment rate stuck in double digits.

Rather than heeding to the palatable call from the majority of Americans weary of continued federal spending to grow the economy, including many in his own political party, President Obama is convinced that Hispanics will continue to support his policies by simply employing scare tactics.

Class warfare is nothing new of course, but it’s particularly ironic that many of the Hispanics President Obama is targeting on the stump are acutely aware of this tactic, having just left countries in Latin America where politicians were swept into office under the guise of a “21st century socialism.”

Unfortunately, this latest incarnation of a failed economic model has failed to lift many countries in Latin America out of abject poverty and provide the economic freedom that is necessary for economic opportunity.

Perhaps someone should remind the President that many Hispanic immigrants came to this country lured by the endless opportunities offered by a free enterprise that fosters creativity and not because of a powerful and costly state that stifles growth and innovation.

For the far left, Hispanics are a natural target to direct their class-warfare propaganda. It’s unfortunate that some Hispanics are falling for this empty rhetoric by joining a cause that seeks to recreate the same conditions they left behind in Latin America.