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  1. The Great $16 Muffin Myth – Kevin Drum, Mother Jones
  2. Global Meltdown: Investors Are Dumping Nearly Everything – Patti Domm, CNBC
  3. US walks out as Iran delivers anti-US speech – Edith M. Lederer, Associated Press
  4. Boehner: ‘There’s no threat of a government shutdown’ – Nicholas Ballasy, The Daily Caller
  5. Bill Clinton: Obama’s Approach to the Deficit is ‘A Little Confusing’ – Real Clear Politics
  6. Census: Recession takes big toll on young adults – Hope Yen, Associated Press
  7. Study: Most new Texas jobs went to immigrants – Byron York, The Washington Examiner
  8. America’s waning influence in the Middle East – Kim R. Holmes, The Washington Times
  9. Analysts warn U.S. about Turkey’s instability – Michael Carl, WorldNetDaily
  10. UN debacle another blow to Obama Doctrine – James Carafano, The Daily Caller