In a scenario best-saved for a science-fiction novel, two scientists from Penn State and another scientist from NASA have sounded another bell in global warming alarmism – Aliens. Yes, aliens. According to a report published by the three scientists, so-called “Universalist Aliens” may view our over-use of greenhouse gases as a way that would unintentionally destroy other civilizations, so we must be preemptively destroyed. Make sense doesn’t it?

The report goes on to state:

It would be particularly important for us to limit our emissions of greenhouse gases, since atmospheric composition can be observed from other planets. We acknowledge that the pursuit of emissions reductions and other ecological projects may have much stronger justifications than those that derive from ETI extraterrestrial intelligence] encounter, but that does not render ETI encounter scenarios insignificant or irrelevant.

So, based on what we think we might know about aliens, and what we think they might do to us if they ever encounter us, we should radically alter our lifestyle and change our laws. What these and other global warming scientists don’t understand is that making these kinds of changes will result in significant job losses and be catastrophic for the economy. And if they do understand it, they fail to recognize the negligible environmental benefits that come with U.S. carbon-cutting schemes.

The Environmental Protection Agency is already hard at work trying to regulate greenhouse gas emissions from cars that could result in cars costing up to $10,000 more than they do now. Another plan some in Washington are proposing is a federal Renewable Electricity Standard, which would mandate a certain percentage of America’s electricity to come from renewable energy sources, but such a standard would cost over one million jobs and raise electricity costs by 36 percent.

Global warming gets blamed for a lot of thingsincluding the end of the earth—but this is the first time that it has been blamed for the destruction of the earth by the hands of aliens. Let’s settle the science here on earth before we worry about outer space.