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  1. It’s Now Obama’s Economy – Henry Miller
  2. Leave ‘No Child’ behind – The Detroit News
  3. Faster yuan rise on cards – Zhong Nan
  4. “We’re inches away from no longer having a free economy.” – St. Petersburg Times
  5. Health and defense lobby groups ready for super fight – Anna Yukhananov & Jim Wolf
  6. Obama Admin Decision Makes Obamacare Fund Abortions – Steven Ertelt
  7. White House photo sparks protest – Lolita Baldor
  8. Three-quarters of Americans believe U.S. is on wrong track – Alexis Levinson
  9. Family Fined $300 For Having Apple, Tomato, 3 Cucumbers In Backpack At Newark Liberty – CBS
  10. FNC’s Baier Faces Groundswell of Reaction – Betsy Rothstein