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  1. South China Sea: It’s not Beijing’s lake – Kim Holmes
  2. Are federal social programs working? No one knows. – David Muhlhausen
  3. Every Single One: The Politicized Hiring of Eric Holder’s Voting Section – Hans A. von Spakovsky
  4. Government is wrong starting point for caring for the poor – Jennifer Marshall
  5. ‘Waiver’ warning – Pittsburgh Tribune Review
  6. Washington to nation: What economic crisis? – Steven Thomma & Lesley Clark
  7. OUR VIEW: Let’s drug test welfare users (poll) – Wayne Laugesen
  8. Administration keeps rehab policy for old weapons, but conflict not over yet – Louis Jacobson
  9. 6 Republicans who’ve vowed no tax hikes named to debt panel – William Douglas & Daniel Lippman
  10. Politicos unpopular with infants – Laura Donovan