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  1. Russian ‘reset’ malfunction – Ariel Cohen
  2. How Obama can get re-elected: Act like Reagan – Neil Reynolds
  3. After $65 billion, Fannie and Freddie want more of your money – Abby W. Schachter
  4. Federal Reserve to Markets: You’re On Your Own Now – Elizabeth MacDonald
  5. Obamacare Hides $50 Billion in Annual Costs – Tom O’Connell
  6. Sweden: Wealth Management In A “Social Democracy” – Max Skjönsberg
  7. Wisconsin GOP ‘Darling’ Deals Democrats a Blow Felt Nationwide – John Gizzi
  8. What happened on night of deadly Afghanistan helicopter crash? – Paul Tait
  9. Economic Uncertainty Leading to Global Unrest – Mark Koba
  10. A Clockwork Orange – Rosemary Righter