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  1. Jim Rogers: Don’t see how U.S. can ever pay off debts – Deepanshu Bagchee
  2. Did a new Taliban weapon kill a chopper full of Navy SEALs? – David Axe
  3. S&P cuts Fannie and Freddie credit rating – Philip Klein
  4. AIG sues Bank of America over mortgage bonds – Louise Story and Gretchen Morgensen
  5. The growth agenda and its enemies – Iain Murray
  6. Gunwalker: Drug Enforcement Administration admits involvement – Bob Owens
  7. Government logo fail of the day – Michelle Malkin
  8. Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner to remain at post – Zachary Goldfarb
  9. Waivermania hits the Department of Education – Ed Morrissey
  10. It’s the end of the world as we know it – Mark Steyn