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  1. A Dangerous Debt Ceiling Deal – Kim R. Holmes, Ph.D.
  2. Who To Blame for Defense Cuts? – John Guardiano
  3. Obama and McConnell: Debt Ceiling Gives GOP’s Great Dismantler His Moment – Howard Fineman
  4. Super Congress? Better be Super Transparent. – John Wonderlich
  5. Why there is no left-populist movement – Moe Lane
  6. Liberal overpopulation alarmists are exactly wrong – Charles A. Donovan
  7. Will DOJ Shoot Down South Carolina’s New Voter ID Law? – Hans von Spakovsky
  8. Wisconsin schools prove savings through the state budget – Alissa Smith
  9. Gas Drilling Bringing Jobs to Pennsylvania, but How Many? – Kris Maher
  10. Video: Marco Rubio vs. John Kerry on the debt crisis – Allahpundit