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  1. 10 Reasons Each Side Thinks It Can Win the Debt Debate – Carl M. Cannon
  2. GOP leaders to conservatives: ‘How could you’? – Jonathan Strong
  3. Grab Your Pitchforks – Lucia Rafanelli
  4. Some Facts About the Debt Limit – John Hinderaker
  5. Obama’s Battleground-State Blues – Josh Kraushaar
  6. Obamacare, a death panel for jobs – Nita Ghei
  7. Both Sides See Same-Sex Marriage as Winning Issue in 2012 – Mallie Jane Kim
  8. Sen. Mark Kirk is leading the charge for a robust American foreign policy – Jamie Weinstein
  9. The West Slowly Backing Away From the Libyan Military Operation – Bruce Crumley
  10. Disputed Pirates-Braves call sparks outrage, demand for expanded replay – Ryan Fagan