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  1. America’s jobless ask: Where’s the recovery? – Elaine L. Chao
  2. Secrecy in Budget Talks Gave Obama an Advantage – Ernest Istook
  3. ATF sought to downplay guns scandal, emails show – Richard A. Serrano
  4. Glad You Mentioned It, Mr. President – Mark Green
  5. Jim Jordan Fights On – Robert Costa
  6. State Department Embraces Religion – Lauren Markoe
  7. America’s Marriage Debate Depends on Civil Society – Ryan Messmore
  8. Unrealistic mileage standards threaten consumers’ wallets – Pete Sepp
  9. DC Interns Shine at Cato Debate – Ajay Ravichandran
  10. Tricks of the Trade With The Atlantic’s Senior Editor Megan McArdle – Betsy Rothstein