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  1. Doing more by doing less – Ed Feulner
  2. On treaty, team O is ‘lost’ at sea – Peter Brookes
  3. Why is the government mailing you $2? – Rory Cooper
  4. Fix Social Security to give better future to our kids – David John
  5. The Obamacare Case Proves that It’s Time for Judicial Engagement – Edwin Meese III & Clark Neily
  6. Don’t Compromise on Taxes – Investor’s Business Daily
  7. New Obamacare regs confirm Americans will not have same insurance choices as Congress – Conn Carroll
  8. Incandescent Bulbs Defended by Republicans Over Obama Opposition – Jim Snyder
  9. Is aid squabble just the latest blowup in bad U.S.-Pakistan marriage? – Charley Keyes
  10. Wisconsin’s Controversial Budget Law Begins to Pay Off – Byron York