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  1. It Won’t Be Pretty, as the Post-Gates Era Begins at the Defense Department – Jim Carafano
  2. Coolidge only president born on the Fourth of July – Julia Shaw
  3. U.N. Budget Cuts: Why Not Eliminate the Conference on Disarmament? – Brett Schaefer
  4. The Election Deal – Murray T. Bass
  5. Here’s a debt reduction plan: Collect billions from tax cheats – Tony Pugh
  6. Reax To Appellate Decision Upholding Health Law – Andrew Villegas
  7. The Peril of Deep Defense Cuts – Donald Rumsfeld
  8. Lincoln’s Declaration – Rich Lowry
  9. Deadline tightens for Congress, White House on debt limit – Felicia Sonmez
  10. Obama’s Amnesty for Illegals Sidesteps the Law Again – Roger Hedgecock