Each week, The Heritage Foundation features one of its nearly 250,000 Facebook Fans on its “Featured Fan” page. This week’s fan is Nathan Lamborn, a medical student from Denver, Colorado. Read his story, below, and be sure to become a fan on Facebook!

As a second-year medical school student, Nathan Lamborn knows the health care field will be vastly different by the time he graduates. But like most aspiring physicians too busy studying medicine to digest two thousand pages of big government prose, it’s difficult for the 24-year-old student to put his finger on every provision of the new health care law.

“It can be hard to know exactly what’s going on,” Lamborn told The Heritage Foundation.

A September 4-5 Rasmussen Reports poll shows that 56 percent of Americans want the health care reform legislation rammed through by congressional Democrats repealed. Many more surveys show continuing anger at lawmakers who failed to read the transformative bill. As a young man focused on learning how to save lives, Lamborn cares most about how the legislation will impact his future relationships with patients.

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