Tomorrow, July 31, would be Milton Friedman’s 98th birthday. To honor the great man, we offer a quote that, though written three decades ago, is shockingly relevant today.

In his last major work, Free to Choose, Friedman wrote words of hope:

Fortunately, we are waking up. We are again recognizing the dangers of an over-governed society, coming to understand that good objectives can be perverted by bad means, that reliance on the freedom of people to control their own lives in accordance with their own values is the surest way to achieve the full potential of a great society.

We hope that Friedman the sage is also Friedman the prophet.

As The Economic Freedom Agenda for America, a special publication by The Heritage Foundation, reminds us, “The important thing is to act now to arrest the decline of freedom and assert our rights as free people to set our own course toward greater prosperity in the future.”