Defending Attorney General Eric Holder’s historically bad decision to prosecute Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and five other terrorists in civilian court, Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT) told CSPAN this morning: “For one thing, capturing Osama bin Laden, we’ve got enough on him we don’t need to interrogate him.” Watch:
This statement goes to the heart of why the Obama administration’s decision to use civilian criminal courts to deal with terrorists is a grave danger to the American people. If we caught him. it would be irresponsible NOT to interrogate Osama bin Laden as an enemy combatant. He would provide a treasure trove of intelligence value to our war effort that could save the lives of both American serviceman overseas and civilians here at home.

Holder claimed yesterday, “I know that we are at war.” But as Leahy’s statement shows the Obama administration is thinking like prosecutors whose only priority is winning convictions, not like general who are responsible for winning a war.