Youth violence, substance abuse, homelessness, and deteriorating neighborhoods ravage both low-income communities and prosperous suburbs alike. There is a great need to explore both the root causes of these problems and their effective solutions.

The Bob Woodson Show—“What Works and Why”—premiered yesterday with this very aim. Focusing on solutions to some of America’s most troubling societal problems, each week the show provides examples of effective solutions, and special guests provide first-hand testimonies as to how their lives or neighborhoods have been changed for the better. Host Bob Woodson then directs members of the listening audience on how they can make a difference. Woodson is a strong ally of The Heritage Foundation, and his work exemplifies the civil society approaches we seek to promote. He is often referred to as the godfather of the movement to empower neighborhood-based organizations and was awarded the Presidential Citizens Medal in December 2008.

This week’s opening show aired at 1 pm EST with a focus on Youth Violence. It featured Milwaukee Public Schools Superintendent, William Andrekopoulos, who discussed how Milwaukee has effectively addressed the problem in eight high schools with the CNE Violence-Free Zone program.

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