Heritage Foundation President Ed Feulner recently sent a message to our members and supporters, explaining how Heritage and conservatives around the country are fighting back against the Left and offering common-sense alternatives to the agenda coming from the White House and Capitol Hill. Here’s an excerpt:

Ideas are the key. We must change the climate of ideas in America. For now, liberals hold political power and are making political gains. But they are powerless to turn collectivist schemes into successful policies. For evidence, look no further than California, a testing ground for liberal ideas.

George Will recently summarized the results. Over the past four years, despite the influx of illegal immigrants, the state’s net population dropped by 1.4 million. California’s business costs are 20 percent higher than in other states. Income and sales taxes are among the highest in America, and unemployment is above 11 percent and rising. “California,” Will notes, “has become liberalism’s laboratory, in which the case for fiscal conservatism is being confirmed.” Yes, and it is also confirming Margaret Thatcher’s observation that the facts of life are conservative.

Californians leaving their state are motivated by the same impulse that is prompting Tea Party Patriots to speak out across the country: They believe in personal responsibility and limited government. They do not want to live under a nanny state that holds them responsible for other people’s welfare.

As liberals advance their agenda in Washington and its costs mount up, more and more ordinary Americans are becoming outraged. Our message to them and to Anita Wilson is simply this: You are not powerless. You have a voice in The Heritage Foundation – a voice that you can trust to remain on principle and on message.

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