This Memorial Day, Heritage honors those who serve in the United States Armed Forces, their families, and all military retirees and veterans. From the battlefields of the Civil War–after which the first Memorial Day was observed–to the Forest of Argonne, the beaches of Normandy, the islands of the Pacific, the Chosin Reservoir, the jungles of Vietnam, the deserts of Iraq, the mountains of Afghanistan, and all the other fields, territories and theaters American soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines, and Coast Guardsmen have fought bravely, we remember those fallen men and women who gave “the last full measure of devotion.” We will also not forget those who have yet to come home and remain missing in action.

The nation is grateful for a commitment that can never fully be repaid when an American citizen raises their right hand to take the formal oath to protect the U.S. Constitution–and by extension fiercely guard the daily freedom everyone of us enjoy.

This weekend reminds us all of the universal consensus that surrounds the commitment to protect our protectors–the troops. For the past, present, and future of American liberty, and liberty around the world, is built upon the shoulders of their unwaivering dedication and willingness to sacrifice for our great nation.