National Review Online editor Kathryn Lopez, better known as K-Lo on The Corner, told a group of nearly 200 young conservatives that the greatest impact they can have on national politics is back home — spreading the message of freedom to their friends and neighbors both online and off.

Lopez addressed an under-40 crowd of conservatives today as part of Heritage’s biannual President’s Club meeting at the Ronald Reagan Building in Washington. The gathering brought together more than 1,100 Heritage members, including a record showing among young people. The event served as the kickoff of Heritage’s Build the Future campaign to expand the conservative movement.

As the keynote speaker during lunch, Lopez touched on a number of hot-button issues such as Sen. Arlen Specter’s defection to the Democratic Party and Justice David Souter’s retirement from the Supreme Court. But it was her optimistic comments about the future of conservatism that resonated with the crowd.

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  • Marsha, Wheeling Wes says:

    I agree that it must come from a grass roots movement and from Constitution loving people. We can do it from the ground back to Washington. The founders realized that and gave us the ability to reverse the cards under article 5 of the U.S. Constitution. The use of this article and the strength of the 10th amendment allowing the state self governance through the people are profound. We have lost that ability by choice (knowingly or unknowingly) and we must regain it as soon as possible.

  • Rick Ford says:

    Change perceptions of conservatives being reactionary and opposed to science. There are plenty of scientists who don't buy into the global warming hoax, but they don't get a venue for their views. Conservatives can sponsor one by providing a forum or townhall on the hot media (TV, radio). It should be presented in a factual dispassionate way.

    Also we can educate the public that markets are self organizing and autocatalytic. They don't respond to stimuli such as multi trillion dollar spending plans.

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