Our own Brett Schaefer and Steven Groves are reporting from the Durban II Conference on Racism in Geneva for National Review’s The Corner. Their dispatches today include:

Durban II Starts With a Swipe at America:

Preceeding the official opening of the Durban II conference, U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay hosted a panel entitled “United Against Racism.” She welcomed the delegates and other attendees. Immediately following was a short film detailing instances of racism around the world. Guess what story was given pride of place as the first example? No prizes for a question so easy. It was, of course, Racism in America.

U.N. Literally Rolls Out the Red Carpet for Ahmadinejad:

It says something about Durban II when Ahmadinejad is welcomed with open arms while democratic countries like the U.S., Israel, Germany, Canada, the Netherlands, and Australia choose to skip the event entirely.

Libya, Russia, and Cuba identified as Durban II Leaders:

The member states, naturally, have chosen the ambassadors of Libya, Russia, and Cuba as officers here. These worthies’ qualifications were so beyond question, they were nominated without opposition and appointed by acclamation.