It’s hard to get a feel on where the job-killing, protectionist “Buy American” provisions now stand after President Obama’s series of media interviews yesterday where he believed the measured needed to be removed because of the potential of ‘going to trigger a trade war.’

This morning, the Atlantic’s Marc Ambinder reported such a stance might not be the case.

A lot of sudden friction among allies of Barack Obama last night when the president told ABC’s Charlie Gibson that the so-called Buy American provisions ought to be cut out of the stimulus bill.  Democratic and labor sources say that the White House will clarify Obama’s remarks today.

The upshot: Obama doesn’t want to get rid of them entirely; he wants modifications. Remember, Obama campaigned on these provisions, he attacked McCain’s stances on them, and his campaign even printed stickers that said “Buy American, Vote Obama.”

So — stay tuned

And staying tuned we are.  Already Representatives are vowing to do all they can to ensure these job-killing provision stay in the bill.

Lawmakers from steel-producing states insisted on Wednesday that a Buy American provision remain in a huge economic stimulus plan after President Barack Obama said Congress should look at dropping or changing the measure to avoid starting a trade war.

“If it’s not in, I’m not supporting this package and I’ll bring a lot of votes with me,” House Transportation Committee Chairman James Oberstar, a Minnesota Democrat, told reporters after a Congressional Steel Caucus hearing.

Again.  Staying tuned.