Sunshine Review is working on the My Government Website Project for “people from all around the country to collaboratively determine the extent to which government-managed websites contain the information people need.”

I wish I could have posted about this earlier, but on Saturday, the Minnesota Republican Caucus unveiled their Declaration of Energy Independence at the Minnesota State Fair.

Big-picture commentary by Bernie Marcus, founder and first CEO of Home Depot, in today’s Wall Street Journal, “Bad Labor Law Is a Path to Economic Ruin.” And it’s a wake-up call to employers

As if we needed yet another report to tell us that the red-tape laden government bureaucracy was inefficient (shocker…I know), Dr. Coburn’s office has just released a new report with some startling facts.

With Barack Obama’s announcement of Joe Biden as his vice-presidential pick, taxpayers should ask themselves: Just how bad is Senator Biden’s record on economic issues? Unfortunately, the answer is: Very bad.