TUCSON, AZ: I’ve been blogging about my visit to the area around Nogales, Arizona, listing all the troubles caused by broken borders. Now, as Paul Harvey most famously says, here is “the rest of the story.”

At the Nogales, port of entry, one of the busiest land crossings on the U.S./Mexican border. They are pioneering better ways to fight back against drug, money, arms, and human smugglers. One is a more advanced computerized screening system that checks people in as they enter country.

They real value of these systems is not checking and scrutinizing every individual. Looking for bad people by screening individual records is like looking for a needle in a needle stack. The real value of collecting the data is looking for anomalies and patterns that allow border enforcement to focus on criminal smuggling gangs.

Targeting bad people, not scrutinizing everyone is the way to make border crossing sites better.

These technologies also help shrink crossing times, reducing the time that border agents have to spend on each check by up to 75 percent.

Speeding legitimate trade and travel, while focusing border enforcement at the ports of entry on criminal activity is what good security is all about. Technologies being tested at the Nogales crossing are a good sign that our government is trying to do the right thing.