The USA Today has surprisingly fair examination of the three remaining presidential candidates health care plans today. Boiling down a very complicated issue the USA today writes:

While McCain sees soaring medical costs as the initial problem to address, Obama and Clinton have competing plans that focus first on expanding coverage. … The Democratic candidates want to cover all or nearly all people, often by expanding government programs. McCain says worry about costs first and expand coverage later. … McCain and many congressional Republicans would not require anyone to buy insurance or make insurers sell to those with existing medical problems. Democrats would require most, if not all, people to have insurance and insist that insurers sell to everyone who applies. … Republicans would lean more on tax incentives to get people to buy their own insurance and less on coverage through their jobs. Democrats would bolster the current system of employer coverage.

To recap, the liberal approach to health care continues the WWII era model of providing health care through an individual’s employer and adds more regulation, mandates, and spending to the current system. The conservative approach frees the individual from having to buy health care through his or her employer, offers individuals more choice by allowing individuals to purchase plans from anywhere in the country, and help limits costs by capping medical malpractice rewards.